I have been coaching since 1995, specializing in coaching within the world of academe since 2002. I was certified by the Coaches Training Institute in 1998 and received my PCC certification from the International Coach Federation in 1999.

Prior to my life as a coach, I was a psychologist in a state psychiatric center in Syracuse, NY, where my 23 years was split between direct patient care and neuropsychological evaluations.

I believe in the coaching model and am committed to the profession. Since the beginning of my coaching career, until 2015, I had been involved in the organizational activities of the national professional coaching organizations. I was a contributing editor for the newsletter of the Professional and Personal Coaches Association (which folded into the International Coach Federation). I had been a member of the ICF committee which attempted to define the nature and boundaries of coaching and have participated in a volunteer role at the annual conventions.  In recent years, I have decreased my coaching hours to pursue other activities. Consequently, I have found it unmanageable to maintain the ICF certification, which I had held for more than 15 years.

On a personal note, I live in Syracuse, NY, am married, and have two adult children. My passions (other than coaching, of course) include environmentalism, bringing disparate groups into real conversation, and cycling.

FormalInformalHere are a couple of photos of me, a formal one (taken in a studio) and an informal one (I took of myself while cycling in Germany).

If there is anything else you wish to know, please give me a call at 315-472-0504 or send me an email.

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