About Webfeeds, RSS, Syndication, etc. 

Like many blogs, this site offers you an interesting way to be informed of recent posts. You don't have to open the website, and you don't have to subscribe to the email notifications.  Generically, it's called a webfeed, but it's also known as RSS, Atom, Syndication, or simply, a feed.  In addition to saving you time, it is spam-free, and you won't miss anything of interest due to an overzealous spam-blocker.

I'm not going to go into how it works, but it is pretty simple.  Basically, you do one of three things: 

  • Download a plugin (a little program that "plugs" into your browser, adding a bit of additional functionality) that lets you see these feeds in your web browser; or
  • Use a standalone "aggregator"; or
  • Use an online aggregator service (free!), such as offered by Google , Bloglines , Blogger , and others. Some of these are search sites, but others let you create the equivalent of a newspaper "page" gathering for you in one place what's new on all the sites you're interested in.  Cool, huh?

For a more comprehensive discussion of this topic, do a websearch on RSS or webfeeds.  Click here to see one I found. 

I also asked a friend of mine what he recommended.  He posted great answers to my question on his blog here .

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