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silence is the dawn of true speaking

At the end of the 4-day International Coach Federation (ICF) conference, in the last time-slot on the last day, there was a new and curious breakout session.  It was entitled “The Practice of Silence,” and was described as a chance to draw together the learning and experiences of our time at the conference, “the opportunity […]

random blitherings turn productive

Did you ever sit down to write and find that you have nothing to say?  I'm doing that right now.  I have nothing to say.  Just yesterday, I had lots to say.  In fact, I had at least 5 topics that spewed out of my brain.  Can I recall them now?  No.  What to do?   […]

passion and productivity in academic life

My Passion I just got back from city hall, where a Bike to Work Week Proclamation was declared by our mayor.  As a believer in the many benefits cycling offers to individuals and communities I have worked to bring my city, Syracuse, several steps closer to being bike friendly. I would say that I'm passionate […]

Creativity and the “F”-word. Strange Bedfellows.

I have this deck of cards.  It’s called the “Creative Whack Pack”, by Roger von Oech, the guy who brought you A Whack on the Side of the Head and other creativity-enhancing products and methods.  You open up the pack, ask a question or state a place in which you’re stymied, then pick a card, […]