ABD's and Other Grads 

So you've found this website and made your way to this page. I'm assuming your search has led you here because you're curious whether I can offer you the kind of support you need to be successful. Perhaps you're also wanting to have a life you can relish at the same time.

And yet, despite your hope that there is help for you here, do you find yourself thinking, "Just what on earth is this guy going to be able to do for me that I can't do for myself?"

If so, I don't blame you.

In the face of your doubts, though, I want you to know that I've helped a lot of people with the kinds of challenges you are facing, so there's a good possibility that I can help you, too.

But I'm not going to tell you that I can help you until we've talked. Frankly, until we talk, neither of us will know if what I provide is what you want or need.

When you know you're ready to speak with me, call me or e-mail me (see the bottom) and feel free to stop reading at any time.

Let me offer you a few statements that may help you ascertain whether being coached might be valuable to you. Give yourself a few moments to reflect on each one.

While doing so, you might want to hold these questions in your mind:

Is it possible that the inspiration, clarification, and focus I will acquire by being coached will help me move through my days and my life more effectively and with more satisfaction?

And if I am more focused, more effective, and feeling better about myself and what I'm doing, will I be maximizing my chance of actually getting my Ph.D., and doing so in a far shorter period of time than I otherwise would?

The statements I mentioned are listed just below. I have created two lists in order to acknowledge the clear differences in the challenges faced by those who have completed their classwork and qualifying requirements (aka ABD's) and those who are in an earlier stage of the process.

As you read them, notice how you respond. In particular, notice what is happening in your body as you read them? Do they "speak" to you?

For Both ABD's and Pre-ABD's:

  • I am taking care of my body and my spirit.
  • I sleep well and for sufficient duration.
  • I use my time and energy effectively.
  • I'm confident that I am spending my life in a meaningful way.
  • My middle name is Procrastination.
  • I get the support I need and I know how to ask for it.
  • My life is rich and satifying.
  • This is having fun. Right?

For ABD's:

  • I am making definite progress toward completion every day or week.
  • My family is fully supportive because they can see this is my calling and that I am on track to a timely completion.
  • I have a clear plan for how I spend my day.
  • Family and work are getting the vast majority of my energy.
  • I have my doubts…
  • The end is in sight.

For Pre-ABD's:

  • My work is completed on time and is of high quality.
  • I am enjoying the nuances of my coursework.
  • I am engaged with faculty in exciting ways that challenge me to learn and to act with boldness.
  • I have found a faculty member to work with who is doing important research… research I value.
  • I have my time and energy mapped out well enough that I know I'll be prepared for my qualifying exams.

So, what did you notice? What reactions did they bring up? What do they indicate to you? What are you taking away from this exercise?

Having read this far, do you wish to explore whether coaching with me would be a "fit" for you? If so, call me or send me an e-mail . After we talk, we might agree to set up a sample coaching session to help you clarify whether you will commit to be coached at this time.

I promise you that I will not do a hard sell. If you decide that what you have experienced promises what you need, you hire me. Otherwise, you just tell all your friends to call me. Deal?  Seriously, though, you'll not regret the conversation.

If you'd prefer to get to know me more before speaking with me directly, sign up to get notified of new postings.

If you're ready to explore whether coaching is for you, or simply want to know what the next step would offer you, give me a call at 315-472-0504 or e-mail me .

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