As I'm sure you have already noticed, I primarily work with university and college professors and doctoral candidates. I help them get more done, in less time, with less stress, and with more joy.

But I have also worked with and continue to enjoy coaching: entrepreneurs, consultants, students, librarians, potential retirees, health professionals, employees and leaders of the private, public, and volunteer sectors, individuals in sales, other coaches, and just plain folks.

They may want to change professions, improve their performance in their work, or "simply" stay on track. They may wish to show up differently in their work or in their personal life. They may want to take charge of some pesky issue, perhaps losing weight or getting a handle on their finances. Perhaps, they are looking for more satisfaction or meaning to their lives. Or they may want to shift how they spend their time and energy, to redefine their priorities.

Sometimes, they don't know what it is that's "off." But they know that something has to change somewhere, because life doesn't hold enough pleasure or fulfillment. So we get to explore their dreams and begin to make those changes that will bring them closer.

Having read this far, do you wish to explore whether coaching with me would be a "fit" for you? If so, call me or send me an e-mail . After we talk, we might agree to set up a sample coaching session to help you clarify whether you will commit to be coached at this time.

I promise you that I will not do a hard sell. If you decide that what you have experienced promises what you need, you hire me. Otherwise, you just tell all your friends to call me. Deal?  Seriously, though, you'll not regret the conversation.

If you'd prefer to get to know me more before speaking with me directly, sign up to get notified of new postings.

If you're ready to explore whether coaching is for you, or simply want to know what the next step would offer you, give me a call at 315-472-0504 or e-mail me .

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