Coaching for Undergrads 

So many students, fresh from high school, run into real problems navigating the freedom and responsibility that come with college life. 

I can remember my own first days at R.P.I., when I believed I could easily handle the academic challenges ahead because… well, because I was smart. And because I never had any problems before.  And this is what happened: By the end of the first week of goofing around, I was so far behind that I couldn't even figure out how to ask a question that wouldn't prove to everyone just how far behind I was.  And how hopeless I felt.

I'm sure this would not have been an issue in a less demanding academic setting.  But even so, other issues would have popped up over time.  And distressingly, the school's attempts to address my deficits came when it was much too late to deal with them effectively.

Here are some situations that highlight a variety of issues my clients have faced. Perhaps you can relate to one or more of them.

  • It's my senior year.  I haven't been attending to requirements as well as I should have… and, unfortunately, neither did my advisors.  Now I have to take more credits than I think I can handle in order to graduate on time.
  • I have been partying now for more than a month. My friends seem like they can handle it, but I haven't been able to get any work done.  I'm half-way through the semester and haven't really figured out what I need to do in all my courses.
  • I used to get by pretty well, because I'm smart, but my inability to focus (LD or ADD?) is really slowing me down. I need help and don't even know if I can get it here.
  • What am I doing in college anyway?  I don't have a clue what I'm supposed to be taking away from this experience other than a degree.
  • What's next after college? How do I decide what I really want to do with my life?
  • I've been taking classes for years in large lectures… and all my small sections are taught by grad students. None of my professors really know me!  Who can I ask for a reference without feeling like a fool?
  • I'm not sure if I'm going to grad school or going right into the job market.  Either way, I want to make sure I don't blow off my senior year, so the solid work I've done so far doesn't get wasted.
  • It is really hard to tell my friends that I have to study when they want to party or go out to a movie. Some of them work a lot faster than I do and don't have a problem getting it all done. Others don't really care. But I do.

Perhaps some of these are a concern for you. Maybe you have a concern that's not even on this list. Maybe you're a parent with other concerns.

My guess is that since you found your way to this site (and you have read this far), it is likely that you are someone, or know someone, who is now or will soon be facing issues such as these.

If so, let me know if you have any questions. I would be pleased to talk with you about the supporting role coaching might offer. There will be no charge for these exploratory conversations. 

If you are a parent or other concerned individual: The truth is that I won't know whether coaching would help until I end up talking with the person who would use my services. Typically, though, a conversation with you would be sufficient to provide a sense of whether the situation warrants further exploration. And I will probably be able to give you some useful ideas even if coaching is not going to be in the picture.

You may email me here or call me at 315-479-6827. 

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