An Inconvenient Emotion

Sadness is filling me up.

A few weeks ago, I saw An Inconvenient Truth, the documentary made about former Vice President Al Gore and his slide show on global warming that he has personally presented more than 1000 times.

I have not been able to shake the feelings of sadness and dread.

It would be nice to have these feelings go away, but I know that, for me, it is good that my innards are still reverberating with the message.  Eventually, this will turn into action —  action beyond replacing nearly all the incandescent lightbulbs in our house with compact fluorescent ones, beyond buying all our electricity from wind generation, beyond riding my bike or walking whenever they will serve — all of which I and my family have done for years.

I don't know what it will be.  We'll have to see.  I don't want this experience to slowly fade away in my consciousness.  But I'm also trying to focus on possibility, hope, and joy… which is not always easy for me.

If you haven't, I would recommend that you see this movie. It will change your life… for the better.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

-Steve Reiter
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