Coaching Giveaway – Help Out Your Favorite Student

Most of my clients live by the academic calendar, so summer is traditionally a slow time for me. I'd like to change that this summer, and, in the process, get the word out about what I do.  So I will be giving away TWO 45-minute coaching sessions to each of FIVE students.  The students can be of any age and at any level. 

How might they use the time?  Here are some ideas:

  • Stepping out of parental nagging into self-motivation
  • Getting clarity about where they are headed
  • Thinking through how to make good use of their summer vacation
  • Getting a heads-up on what's coming up in the fall… and just maybe a way to make that semester go more easily
  • Dealing with issues they might be facing which keep them from being as productive and satisfied as they might otherwise be
  • Strategizing: to build a compelling history of extra-curricular involvement; to move toward personal and financial independence; to balance social activities and academic obligations
  • Staying on track with work that is under way right now (like in summer courses, or in ongoing work such as theses and dissertations).
  • Preparing for exams.
  • Whatever else your favorite student might be struggling with (except mental health issues, please)

So here's the deal:

  • For the first 3 people you convince to sign up to get notified of new postings to this site, you get to choose up to 3 names to put into "the hat."  These can be the same people as those who sign up, but they could also be different ones.
  • If you get 5 people to sign up, then up to 5 people you name for the hat will get 2 chances each (which means I will put two copies of their names into the hat).
  • If you get 6 people to sign up, up to 6 people you name for the hat will get 3 chances  each.
  • 7 people, up to 7 names, 4 entries each.
  • 8 people, up to 8 names, 5 entries each… and so on!
  • Such a deal!  Just imagine how many chances your students would get if you signed up 100 people to get my postings!

And here's what you do:

  1. Tell everyone you know to sign up to Get Notified of New Postings. Note that this is not the same as registering for the site, which allows the user to make comments (which is fun, but not part of the contest). 
  2. Please tell them that they have to be the ones to subscribe, and that they will also need to respond to a confirmation email to complete the subscription process.  This ensures that they really asked to be put on the list.
  3. Send me an email in which you tell me: a) the email addresses of those folks you asked to sign up; and b) the names and email addresses of the individuals you wish to be entered in the contest.  I will send you an email confirming that I received it.
  4. On Wednesday, June 28, 2006, at noon ET, I will compare the names of those who have subscribed to the emails I have received from you.
  5. I will create the appropriate number of tickets per entry, place them in an actual hat, and have my actual daughter pick five tickets.
  6. Good luck!
  7. Consolation opportunity: All names not chosen for the free sessions are eligible for reduced-rate coaching during the month of July for $25 per 45 minute session… that's a $75/session discount. Up to 4 sessions may be scheduled during July at this rate.  Winners may schedule up to 2 additional sessions during July for this same rate.

The fine print:

  1. I will attempt to contact the winners by email and will post their names on the website. If I am unsuccessful in reaching someone, I will send you an email asking for your help.  That is the extent of my obligation in this regard.
  2. Unless special exceptions are granted, winners must use their coaching sessions during the month of July 2006.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed, it is the responsibility of the winner to call the coach at the scheduled session time.  All communication charges are the responsibility of the winner. I would be glad to accept free calls to me using Skype telephony.  I'll tell you more upon request.
  4. Missed appointments may not be rescheduled.
  5. And finally, my current and former clients are not eligible to be winners or receive the above-mentioned discounted rates. Sorry.
-Steve Reiter
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