breaking it down into small steps

Last night I was listening to NPR’s All Things Considered.  There was an interview with a woman who just passed her solo flight exam, the final step on her way to obtaining her pilot’s license.  She was 83 years old and lived in a retirement home.

While she talked about various aspects of continuous lifelong learning, the importance of doing things that you want to do, and her hope that she would be an inspiration to others to get off their duff, there was something else that caught my interest.

When asked how it was that she decided to learn to fly, she said (and I paraphrase, here): “Well, I didn’t have the goal of getting my pilot’s license.  My first goal was to simply taxi the plane down the runway.  And then my next goal was to turn the plane around.”

If you did this with every daunting project, what would happen to the course of your life?

What’s the equivalent of taxiing down the runway in your life?

-Steve Reiter
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